ICE Mechanical Refrigeration


Speciallizing in the removal and transport of used equipment. We go anywhere.

 Moving your business or closing down? Buying new or used equipment and need it installed? We can help. Serving the Central Ontario area since 2001. Whether you are removing equipment for storage or to a new location, just call "THE ICEMEN OF ONTARIO" at Ice Mechanical Services: 519-502-9084 or e-mail to

At ICE Mechanical we offer a unique service.  Let us help you make the right decision about that used equipment. We will take you through the process step by step making sure that the equipment you want to purchase is functional and suited to your needs. Once you have purchased it we will dismantle the equipment and get it ready for shipment. If needed we will transport it to your place of business or storage.If it has to be set up, no problem. Leave the work to us and we will get it up and working in the shortest time possible.

Maybe you already have the equipment and want to move it from one place to another inside your establishment. Let us do the work worry free.